Ostranauts Patch Is Available

Hey Folks!

Ostranauts v0.6.4.7 is now available on Steam, and make way! She's carrying a heavy load.

We have new derelicts to explore, new decor styles, new items to discover. We now have an in-game manual! More quality-of-life enhancements for piloting and inventory management. Plus fixes and more!

Since the list is extra long this patch, I've broken it into sections.

New Stuff
-Added new floor and wall styles.
-Added new derelicts to explore.
-Added anti nausea pills to game.
-Added Bismertnaya vodka bottle to game.
-Added the Kang 2202, which is now the more common RCS distributor on ships.

-Added user manual to main menu.
-Added user manual to in-game quit menu.
-Added ability to read hull patch box.
-Added nav console manual item to game.
-Added nav console manual item to tutorial salvage pod.
-Added Ogiso's Register safety poster and loose paper to game.

Nav Console
-Added ability to stabilize ship rotation if both Q and E held at same time.
-Added +/- and Q+E buttons to cluster under nav console screen, for controlling map zoom and rotation stabilization via buttons.
-Added code to make RNG value blink red when within 5km.
-Changed VREL value in docking screen to blink red when too fast.
-Changed nav console WASD to allow offset from follow point when map set to follow ship/target.
-Added red vector to show external gravity direction.
-Changed nav console to only draw orange course line if autopilot has a destination set.
-Fixed a bug that caused button cluster under nav console screen to do nothing in map control mode.
-Changed nav station anomalies to scale similar to stations, so crosshair doesn't disappear inside at high zoom levels.
-Fixed a bug in nav console that caused target to change when clicking note out of the way.

-Added Miura RCS distributor as loot for rare salvage life event.
-Changed shipbreaker starting equipment to include laser torch and lamp.
-Changed makeshift salvage pod life event to actually give crappy salvage pod. (And never to first-time players.)
-Changed chargen launch UI to warn user about last chances to suit-up before starting game.

-Changed containers to have optional x and y size.
-Added code to make right-click drop a single CO from dragged stacks in inventory.
-Added stack counter to items slotted in paper doll.
-Fixed a bug that prevented swapping inventory items with those on the ground.
-Fixed a bug that caused inventory items to disappear if user drops item on the ground where only partial space exists.
-Changed inventory to not drop item on ground if user clicks a impossible grid spot.
-Fixed a bug that prevented moving an item directly from a slot to a stack.
-Fixed a bug that caused stacks to break on save/load if they were in a slot.
-Fixed a bug that allowed items to be slotted in wrong slots.
-Fixed bug that caused inventory not to appear when clicking portrait at certain resolutions.
-Changed social moves and pledges to stack.

Ship Editor
-Added draw and fill buttons to ship edit, to control brush behavior.
-Added buttons to ShipEdit for replacing selected walls/floors with cursor.
-Added eyedropper in ship edit mode using left alt key.
-Changed ship edit's quick CO list to have more commonly-used items.
-Added some commonly-used options to top of ShipEdit filter list.
-Fixed bug that caused WASD and other hotkeys to work while typing ship metadata in editor.
-Changed max and min zoom to be greater in ship edit mode.

-Fixed a bug that caused OKLG airlock to become impassable and to vent atmo if player saved and quit more than once and changed ships between visits.
-Fixed a bug that made it difficult to see item placement when installing it in the dark.
-Changed air pump to allow accessing controls from either side of unit.
-Fixed bug that causes loose turbo pump to be missing install option.
-Changed all ships to have chance of spare floor and wall parts to match their new floors and walls.
-Fixed bug that caused context menu z-depth sort order to be wrong.
-Fixed a bug that caused placeholder objects to show wrong sprite when placed.
-Changed crew to have smaller hitbox, so it gets stuck less.
-Fixed a bug that caused career kiosk title to overlap nearby elements at lower resolutions.
-Changed all wall and floor names to precede with object type, followed by brand and model.
-Changed police ship names to be more police-y.
-Changed Muira RCS distributor placement to allow more items around it.
-Added container property to crates, so AI would look in them for food.
-Fixed chargen station's ship name when spawned.
-Removed ItmWall1x1_02 from game. Unused.
-Fixed a bug that would cause null exception if initializing a ship with objects that had bogus gui prop map.
-Changed generic floor and wall installables to be headless, so they no longer appear as in-game options.
-Changed Fridge to have smaller storage space.
-Added scrollview to job options, to accommodate more items.
-Fixed a bug that caused null exception if opening control panel on deleted object in ship editor.
-Removed shadow casters from fridge and toilet.
-Removed shadow boxes from fuel canisters so they can be seen and manipulated in inventory.

This patch took a bit longer than most, and you're probably starting to get an idea of why :)

A lot of the previous patches have been kind of "boring" since they involved a lot of fixes and improvements to existing stuff. So we thought we'd take a bit of a side trip to add more fun stuff to play with.

We still have plenty of work left to do on features and fixes, but we hope you enjoy the care package!

Daniel Fedor
Founder, Blue Bottle Games, LLC