Ostranauts Patch Is Live!

Hey Folks!

Ostranauts v0.6.12.7 is now available on Steam, and your clients should be updating shortly.

This patch is another hotfix for issues discovered in, specifically addressing the K-Leg license not working after the first one expires, adding the missing air vents to the PDA build menu, and some AI ship spawning tweaks.

Saves from should work, but saves that previously experienced issues may continue to experience those issues, requiring starting a new game.

General Changes

  • Fixed a bug that caused captain to deny self permission at licensed trade kiosk because they felt bad.
  • Changed AI ships to still be allowed spawning if player is currently docked to station or in one.
  • Fixed a bug that would destroy all scavenger ships when loading a save file.
  • Fixed a bug that would create new NPCs on K-Leg for scavenger ships instead of reusing old ones, resulting in population growth.
  • Fixed a PDA build menu missing air vents.
  • Fixed a bug that caused OKLG permit UI to change listed expiration hour during final hour.

The main fix here is for expiring K-Leg salvage licenses. Some players reported the first license working fine, but subsequent ones always failing. This appears to be due to the avatar feeling bad about succeeding in using the license before, so they were choosing to fail using the kiosk. The interaction for this has been fixed to force success if the license is valid.

The ticket's listed expiration time is now more accurate, as well. Showing minutes and seconds, instead of just hours.

The other major change is to the way AI ships spawn. There were some issues preventing them from spawning while the player was on-station. And another issue that would sometimes destroy them all if loading a save while on the station. Both of these issues have been fixed, as well as some tweaks to help prevent population explosions on OKLG. (Still work to do there, though.)

Finally, air vents were missing from the PDA's build menu, and have been added.

As always, there's plenty more for us to fix, change, and add! And we'll be continuing in roughly that order. In the meantime, let us know if this patch helps you out, as well as if it reveals new problems!

Daniel Fedor
Founder, Blue Bottle Games, LLC

Tags: Ostranauts