Ostranauts Mission System: Sneak Preview Available Now

Hey Folks!

We're preparing our next big feature update for Ostranauts (v., and it's a pretty big one. We're pretty happy with how it's turning out, but we could use a hand stress-testing it for bugs and balance. So we're opening it up as an opt-in beta branch, for those who want a sneak preview.

Note: Saves created in this version may break as we fix issues.

If you've been waiting for missions to fly, now is your chance! Introducing: Gig Nexus, your one stop shop for buying and selling contract gigs in the Ostranauts universe.


Gig Nexus is a procedural job generation system that sends intrepid spacers out on unique missions, from recon jobs to item delivery and even, if you're feeling flirty, <3 romantic entrapment <3. It's a way to make money in the game outside of scavenging and salvaging, and a good excuse to put that super sick ship you built (and maybe even your captain's skills) through their paces.

Before we go live with the feature, though, we'd like to widen our test group to test it for crashes and save errors.

The bugs we’re on the look out for are specifically Out of Memory crashes, and File Saving failures. Truthfully, we can’t seem to reproduce them on our machines here at BBG HQ, and we’re not sure we have enough data to know how common they are, and what could be causing them.

That's where you come in! If you'd like to give it a go, opt-into the "public_test" beta branch via Steam and start a new character and save file.

To opt in to the beta:

  • Right-click Ostranauts in Steam
  • Choose Properties…
  • Click BETAS
  • Choose public_test

Your client should download and update your build within minutes.

Once you're in, take some gigs and let us know how it goes! Either on the Steam forums, or over at our Discord.

If you run into a crash in-game, or the game fails to save, we'd be interested in any data you can provide about how it happened. And if possible, we ask that you upload your save and any crash files somewhere for us to take a look.

To get your game’s save data, click main menu OPTIONS, then FILES, and then SAVES.

Your character’s save data will be in either Save1, Save2, or Save3 depending on the slot.

We would like as many of the following files as are present:

  • saveInfo.json
  • PlayerName.json (This will be different depending on your character’s name)
  • output_log.txt
  • error.log
  • crash.dmp

The log and crash files above may only appear if your game crashes, and Unity detects it. You'll be presented with a dialog box asking if you want these files. But the first two save files will exist for any character you successfully saved.

(Also, unless we follow up asking for backups, please do not send any .bak files as these will be large and likely contain duplicate info we don't need).

Please zip all your files up and upload them as one .zip or .7z folder if possible, then send us a link to the file.
This makes it easier for us to keep related files together, and will make the overall size smaller. You might be able to upload directly on Discord.

If you have any trouble locating/sending files ask in the bugs channel and one of the dev team or mods may be able to offer assistance/alternative methods of submitting files. Thank you!

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