Ostranauts Feature Update ( Is Live!

Hey Folks!

Ostranauts v0.9.4.0 is now available on Steam, and your clients should be updating shortly.

This is a feature update to our recently released "Wear and Tear" update, which changes the career kiosk a bit, and adds a new exit button to social combat.

Saves from v0.9.0.0 should work. If you were experiencing issues in the older save, this patch may fix some, but others may persist depending on the cause.

General Changes

  • Changed career kiosk to auto-choose shipbreaker career on first use, since no other choices are available yet.
  • Changed career kiosk page header to show captain's name, age, and funds at all times.
  • Added a dedicated "Force Exit" button to social combat UI, in case player is stuck.

The two big changes here are to the career kiosk and social combat UIs.

The career kiosk previously asked the player to choose a career track first, but only ever offered one option: Shipbreaker. That option is now auto-selected for convenience, and we'll add the choice back later when other careers become available.

The career kiosk also now shows the captain's name, age, and funds at the top of the main text area, so it's easier to keep track of progress.

In the social combat UI, there is now a dedicated "Force Exit" button players can use in case there is a problem during conversation. Under normal circumstances, it should be possible to exit all conversations organically (via social moves in the list of conversation options), or by walking away by clicking the floor somewhere.

But if something prevents conversation options from appearing, or some other problem is preventing the player from exiting/walking away, this button will hard exit the scene. Such a hard exit may have problems of its own, depending on the conversation. But hopefully it gets players back into the action without having to close the game.

As always, there's plenty more for us to fix, change, and add! And we'll be continuing in roughly that order. In the meantime, let us know if this patch helps you out, as well as if it reveals new problems!

Daniel Fedor

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