Ostranauts Early Access Launch Trailer!

Hey Folks!

It's official: Ostranauts Early Access has a launch date, and a fancy new trailer!

Ostranauts - Early Access Launch Trailer

And who better to narrate the trials of a scheming shipbreaker than the charming Dominique Tipper? I mean, her voice is practically synonymous with grit, technical know-how, and a healthy distrust of authority :) All qualities you'll need to survive the boneyard around K-Leg!

September 10th, 2020 marks the launch of Ostranauts on Steam Early Access, and the beginning of our shared journey making the spacelife sim we've all been waiting for :)

If this sounds interesting to you, please wishlist Ostranauts on Steam here. Wishlisting is one of the most effective ways of helping the game succeed before launch, as it tells Valve this game is going to be a big deal!

And if you know anyone else who might dig this type of game, let them know! Spreading awareness is something everyone can do to help me continue to make games like this.

Thanks for your time, and stay tuned for more spacelife news!

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