Ostranauts Is Cleared for Early Access Launch

Hey Folks!

It's official. Ostranauts is now available on Steam Early Access!

Roll-up a new captain, head out into the boneyard, and start picking over derelicts for useful parts. And when you find "the one," start fixing it up with spare parts and elbow grease, and make it your own. But don't forget to take a break every now and then to visit K-Leg for some R&R. And maybe convince a crew member to join you?

Ostranauts Launch Trailer

If this sounds like something you might be into, head on over to the Ostranauts Steam page! There's even a 20% launch discount this week.

Soundtrack and Special Edition

Steam also has Josh Culler's excellent Ostranauts soundtrack for sale, including 25 in-game tracks, and 9 bonus tracks. Plus high quality FLAC versions of each. If you enjoyed Josh's music in NEO Scavenger, you should check out his latest work!

The OST can be purchased separately, or as part of the Mescaform Edition, which bundles them together at a bigger discount.

I hope you all enjoy the game so far. This is the beginning of a game I've wanted to play for ages, and I look forward to developing Ostranauts even more with your feedback!

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Malacodor's picture

Dutifully bought the Mescaform Edition, but won't be able to play before Saturday night. I'm really looking forward to finally play the game. Luckily I applied for leave next week. ;-)

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Thanks, Malacodor! Good to see you again, and I hope your first foray into the game is full of fun!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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Just repaired my pc and was thrilled to see Ostranauts hit early access. Just booted the game up, loving the soundtrack!

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