Ostranauts Being Published by Modern Wolf!

Hey Folks, big news today! As some of you might have already noticed, a new publisher was announced today. And they're going to be publishing Ostranauts! Introducing, Modern Wolf:

This is actually not the first time I've worked with some of the folks at Modern Wolf. Some of you will remember me mentioning Fernando Rizo before, who helped with marketing both on NEO Scavenger mobile and Ostranauts planning. So it's no surprise that when Fernando offered to publish Ostranauts, I was all ears!

What does this mean for Ostranauts? Well, for one thing, it means I can get back to focusing on game development. With professionals managing the marketing and distribution, they'll not only do a better job than I, but I won't have to waste time on those tasks anymore.

They'll also be handling localization, which makes translations of the game a near certainty now. (Yay!) Plus, they'll be handling QA and providing general support wherever I need it.

I've been chatting with these folks for months now, and we're basically down to minor details in the contract. Can't wait to start running with the pack!

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