Ossifex Pen


Ossifex is a brand name combination drug composed of antiresorptive agents. It is commonly used to promote bone homeostasis during long spaceflights. It can also be used as a treatment for mild bone loss. Ossifex is a typically a preventative medicine and is considered a key part of the medical regimen for space workers and long haulers. The standard delivery method is by subcutaneous injector pen.

  • Product: Medicine (aerospace)
  • Manufacturer: Van Buren Pharmaceuticals
  • Origin: Hangzhou Orbital


Van Buren Pharmaceuticals and marketing agency Lyon Global are infamous for the controversial ‘Control Group’ campaign. Ten paid volunteers were put in a microgravity environment for six months, where five of the group were regularly administered Ossifex, while the others received a ‘well-known brand competitor’. Livelogs were uploaded by the participants at regular intervals.

After two months, the campaign was suspended indefinitely as freak bone growths inflicted four out of the five participants in the control group. A subsequent lawsuit by the five members of the control group was settled out of court. In the meantime, despite popular opinion condemning Van Buren Pharmaceuticals and disparaging the campaign, Ossifex’ sales soared.


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