Organizations, Ledgers, and More Bug Fixing

Hey Folks! Another raft of fixes and features today, mostly centered around in-game organizations and docking.

When I finished yesterday, I was getting the docking fees to save correctly. And upon fixing that, I noticed the name of the Payee in each line item was still a "?" It turns out, I was telling the game that K-Leg station (OKLG) billed the player, but it was just a made-up name. No such person exists in the game. There is a station by that name, but stations are more layout and container stuff, not entities to trade with and owe money to.

Instead, I realized I could probably make an entity for the station, and have that contain stats, money, and even relationships to people. It could be an invisible object residing on the station, and later on, it could be used in plots, interactions, and company data.

So I now have an organization template object, similar to a crew object, and my K-Leg station spawns it when it's created. And as you can see in today's screenshot, it's named "OKLG Port Authority." This is to whom we owe money for docking, and who's going to become an antagonist and send goons after us if we skip town without paying.

During all this, there were a number of less visible fixes made. UI resizes, zone tile data handling changes to ship tile dimensions, an ATC menu button misfire bug, and cleaning up debug overlays to remain hidden upon later ship spawns. Mostly stability and cleanliness stuff.

Tomorrow, we're hopefully back to tracking down a bartender on OKLG to sell our suits to, and to beef-up the trading system a bit more.

Tags: Ostranauts