OKLG npcs dying

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OKLG npcs dying

Almost every time I play-through, I end up abandoning the save because of npcs dying on the station (Most importantly the black market dealer) since I bought the game up to the most recent update Usually occurs in the first few days. Am I just unlucky? If not maybe a temporary fix, make them invincible or have some sort of reset for the station?

Yeah, this is a bug we are aware of, and need to fix. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Two things which might help:

1 - The licensed kiosk at OKLG will still buy most things the Fixer bought, just at a slightly lower price.

2 - In the short term, there is a debug feature we added in and later which lets you respawn a station in case it has a fatal flaw like this.

To access it, type UNLOCKDEBUG anywhere in the game (works like a cheat code, you don't have to type this into an input field).

Then, hit the hotkey you have mapped to the debug overlay. Usually ` or ~ by default.

Then, look for a dropdown called "Respawn Ship." Choosing a ship on this tool and clicking the Respawn button will replace that ship with a fresh version, and carry over any old NPCs.

Note that it only works on ships not currently on-screen. And that it might cause some extra NPCs. (Also, since it's a debug tool, it may cause other issues we are unaware of later.)

Hope this helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games