Odd Vehicles (minor spoilers)

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Odd Vehicles (minor spoilers)

Now I know there are countless topics on vehicles, but I didn't see anybody who had the same or similar ideas to mine, sooooo I'm posting. The idea for a vehicle would be a hoverbike or hovercar as we know they exist you get chased by one when you talk to Cale and that got me thinking that with the right skill set and parts (most probably from Camp Grayling?) and you'd have a hovervehicle, now It would probably be hard to mod in Neo Scavenger and might be difficult to put in Neo 2, but I dunno I'm just your average newb doing newbie things, so I don't know, but talk to me and lets see if we can think up more odd vehicles.
Oh, and I'm sorry if somebody's aleady talked about it I probably just missed it.
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(sorry 'bout the default pic but I couldn't find any good ones so, that's what I'm using If you want to please send me neo scav pics cause I can only get it on my phone)