Nutrition and vitamin deficiencies in NS2

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Nutrition and vitamin deficiencies in NS2

I've been reading an alt-history medical drama manga called Jin recently, and the protag mentions treatment for beriberi (a Vitamin B1 deficiency) when questioned by a local lord. This made me realize that NS doesn't have any considerations for nutrition-you're either full and hydrated or you're not, and you can survive fine on squirrels or berries and mushrooms indefinitely.

It'd be nice if this wasn't as easy in NS2-it's not a thing that'll take place immediately, but over the course of a couple months the player will need to seek out sources of vitamins (or just vitamin pills) or start suffering.

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

Yeah, this is indeed a shortcoming of NS1's nutrition sim.

The space prototype is probably going to be a step towards what you recommend, with a bit more at stake than simple calorie intake. E.g. decoupling the nutrition from satiety/hunger.

I'm also hoping to involve things like radiation and microgravity exposure, as well as the various emotional/psychological needs.

Should be an interesting stepping stone towards a more full physiological/psychological sim!

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