No sound linux

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No sound linux

Linux version has no sound everything else works fine

When I played there was no sound which is weird since there was the day before so I restarted, redownloaded, and tried to play for awhile hoping that the sound will turn back on but it hasnt what should i do? btw I tried proton and it has sound but the save data doesnt save.

Found a fix right click on neo scavenger go to properties from there go to compatibility click force use of steam play compatibility tool and choose steam linux runtime there your sound will be fixed and most importantly your saves get saved. Please pin this or something so others that had a problem like me find this

The application may have a mute or volume button in its main window, so check that. Also, you can check the volume slider in the Sound panel: Open the Activities overview and start typing Sound. Click on Sound to open the panel.
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