New Toys!

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We hung out with some friends we hadn't seen in a while, which was nice. Unfortunately, I got really sick Saturday night. But it improved over Sunday, and I was able to work today.

And lucky for us, it's something I can show easily: new toys!

Today's screenshot shows a few of the new items intended to satisfy the user stories I talked about last week. Namely, tools for breaking and entering, and looting. Clockwise from the top left we have an unlocked flight case, a locked flight case, a fire extinguisher, and a crowbar.

You might be thinking, "wait, a fire extinguisher isn't a tool for breaking and entering, is it?" But it appears that the fire extinguisher is rapidly becoming a developer favorite among tools to solve the myriad problems faced by space captains. I mean, just look at this list of potential uses:

  • Extinguishing fires.
  • Bashing a lock.
  • Bashing another space captain.
  • Blinding another space captain.
  • Propelling a space captain through space.
  • Locating invisible objects.

I'm sure there's more. And no, this is totally not the marketing department for a fire extinguisher brand at work. Certainly not a Halvorson rep. Oh no.

Ahem. Where was I? Ah yes, new toys! These are just the basic objects we'll be needing. Tools, and items to use them on. We still need a bunch of rules and systems to get these all working together.

It sure did feel good to bang out a few new items for a change, though!

Tags: Ostranauts