New NEO Scavenger Home

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New NEO Scavenger Home

I understand that the game only just came out to mobile but I will still suggest this because It would be a later down the road addition and I feel it needs to build momentum for then if the idea is accepted. One day I looked in my steam library to play a game and then it hit me when I saw NEO Scavenger. Wouldn't this be absolutely perfect for my account emptying yet amazing Nintendo Switch?

I have been wanting to get the full game on mobile but I have been reluctant because I lack a device with a large screen. (only have an iPhone SE) It may not even be possible to play in dock mode with a controller but the reason Is for mostly mobile, the switch does have a touch screen that could be used. In all honesty this game never seemed like it could do a console port but the switch feels like something else that it could work with. And a thought that it would actually be possible, I have heard that some mobile games are getting ported to the Nintendo switch,

If the answer is a no chance because the game cant work on it then possibly the (Might be happening?) direct sequel and/or maybe even the space prototype could be built to work with the console.

But I really don't know others opinions or if it would even be successful and I am perfectly happy with what platforms the game is on, just wanted to throw the idea out there and hopefully get feedback from other players.