New Mobile Patch In the Works, Space Docs, and Legal

Hey Folks! Tiago and I have been hard at work on bug fixes for the mobile version, and are working to get a patch out asap. Work on the space prototype setting continues. And even some legal action!

First, the mobile version. We've got a fair number of bugs and improvements collected in this first patch. And while it doesn't solve all the biggest problems, it does solve a pretty good sampling of them. The plan right now is to get a build brewing tonight, and test it out on TestFlight tomorrow. Assuming all goes well, we can release it to the public then, and hopefully get players some relief!

Apart from all the mobile dev work, I continued looking over Michael's latest setting docs for the space prototype. He had a series of companies/brands/consumables he put together to sort of make up the fabric of day-to-day life for spacers, and the're looking good! Combined with his upcoming Xinhua background doc, we should be off to a good start on juicy background setting for the space game.

Finally, the lawyers were able to follow-up on a request I put in a while back, to get some USPTO filings updated. They sort of fell through the cracks in the commotion, and we've got that back on our plates. Fortunately, seems like it'll be pretty straightforward stuff.

That's all for now. See you tomorrow!