New Floors, and Even MORE Admin

Hey Folks! Some new admin tasks hit my desk this morning, so only a little dev to show off. However, it's at least visual!

After letting a few users test out the game unguided, one of the more consistent points of feedback is that the ship layout legibility needs work. A number of users had to put too much effort into understanding what is what, visually. And in particular with the floor and walls, that's not good.

Many of you might remember Emily's beautiful mockup of what the tiles could look like, and I decided to try using some of that as a test. Today's screenshot is one of her floor tiles replacing my old, brown grate. And I think it makes a difference. The dark blue tiles are more floor-like, and less noisy than the old grate.

The walls could still use some work. They're featureless off-white, which on one hand contrasts in color and brightness quite a bit from the floor. But their smooth, square style makes them also look a bit like lighter color floor tiles.

Also, the conduits may confuse things a bit.

Adding more visual cues to the wall, so they look like walls, might mean we need some bespoke corner and intersection pieces. More of a clear direction that they run, and maybe some side pieces. But that means either painstakingly adding each intersection where necessary, or making the tile system sensitive to such variations.

A long time ago, this is actually how the tile system worked. It just auto-tiled the correct piece to join the surroundings. But resurrecting that code won't be without effort.

Still, I think it's going to come up. I've sort of always expected it, at the very least for conduits and plumbing. And now with test users struggling to parse the scene, maybe it's time?