New DMC store - not substracting money. How to?

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New DMC store - not substracting money. How to?

Hi and hello, I'm new here.
I'm trying to create a mod which adds a store to DMC. I have successfully added location, encounters chain and treasure table with items. One thing is not working: when I pick up item the money amount is not substracted from player. Can't find a solution.

Q1: Is it possible to create a store or are stores hardcoded into a game?

Q2: How can I make store sell items for price?


Sounds like it's missing a barterhexes table.

Take a loot at the vanilla ones and you'll see how they work. It's even possible to make it so they only sell stuff, like the C-Store.

Pew pew pew!

Yes, barterhexes was missing, thanks!
However I don't understand how relations to other tables work here. How can I assign barterhex to my new DMC store, similar to C-Store? Is it possible?