New Anims, Roles, and Drafting

Hey Folks! A bit of new animation today, Michael's plan for roles and jobs, and the ability to draft crew now working.

Michael sent me his rough outline for crew roles, and I think it's sounding good! Some details are still up in the air, but the rough idea is that there are several roles on a crew, and each crew can be in zero or more roles at a time. And there can be more than one person per role.

Each role covers certain actions on the ship, and people in those roles will take care of those actions when appropriate. And if they have the required skills/tools. (The simple example now is repair broken walls as they appear.)

In addition to the simple job-type stuff, we're talking about some sort of dramatic events that occur as part of the role as the crew moves from objective to objective. How this works is still being defined, but it seems like a good basis upon which to build.

While he's on that, I resumed my work on drafting/undrafting crew, and think I have that working now. I had to tweak a few more things to ensure selection honored the draft status, and that the context menus showed correct options at each stage of hiring, drafting, and undrafting.

In the process of testing that, I noticed I was having a hard time telling what was going on when AI interacted at some points. Some interactions had missing animations, or used the "Use" animation for lack of anything better. This resulted in a lot of "Idle" and "Use" anims, regardless of what was going on.

So I did a bit more mining in the Mixamo library, and grabbed some anims for yes, no, angry, and talking. Then I went through the current interactions we have and assigned them accordingly. It's an improvement, especially in cases where multiple crew are in one place. Before, it was a lot of idle anims, but now it varies a bit more from person-to-person, and over time.

Today's screenshot shows a cluster of AIs doing their thing. John appears to be using something (PDA?) near Cheng, who is maybe doing push-ups? Jacob is saying something to Ashton, who is just listening. Cesar might be waiting on the fridge to deliver food. And Colton's taking a nap. Must have headphones :)

Anyway, like I said. Minor improvement. Might be worth getting a few more anims in there to further diversify, and to make things clearer. But the fact that I could do that in a matter of minutes is what that new avatar mesh work was all about!

Tags: Ostranauts