NEO Scavenger: Walkthrough

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NEO Scavenger: Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough aimed at players who hate dying a couple of times because you will. I expect you to have a basic grasp of the game and therefore know the basics ranging from crafting to combat. Now, if you don't know the basics, try to play the game a couple of times to see what works and what doesn't because this game is huge and playing as a newbie can overwhelm you.

To start off, the guide will be split to a couple of parts which are below

A. Starting Off
B. Getting To Zom Zom's And Getting Basic Survival Equipment
C. Heading For Allegan Fairgrounds And Getting Elusive
D. Killing The Merga Wraith To Get Unstoppable
E. Heading Straight For Anishinaabe Tribal Nation (ATN) Enclave
F. Visiting Saginaw Mental Institution

(This Guide Is Not Yet Finished)

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