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Neo scavenger Mobile Android Mods

I would like to know if it is possible by mods in "neo scavenger" for android mobile

Neo scavenger

In would also like to find out when, if and how mods for Android devices are possible.

As would I like to know

Unfortunately, mods don't seem to be possible on Android (or iOS) so far. The code to make them run is there (and is running, in fact). But we've had significant issues with performance so far when testing mods, so they're currently on hold.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

The code for loading mods is running? How so?

Scouting data structure, I found that .apk contain /assets/assets/mods
with sample mods and getmods.php, so my first - trivial - attempt, was
to re-pack and re-sign .apk with my mods added and getmods.php

I was able to successfully install modified version of Neo Scavenger
mobile on my device (I am double-sure that re-packed .apk is in
effect), but it doesn't seem to have any effect - obviously, no mods
working, but also no breakage, as would be expected for modifications
injected by mods being incompatible with changes done to mobile .xml

So, the question is - does the game even try to load things from (inside .apk)
/assets/assets/mods ? If not, where it expect the mods files, for the geeks out there willing to experiment with mods (even if it require re-packing .apk file), neverminding possible performance problems?


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I've also tried placing mods (and getmods.php) outside .apk, in /data/data/com.bluebottlegames.neoscavengermobile, where NEO Scavenger mobile keeps it save files, etc - attempted to put them both in main directory and in files subfolder, in both cases in or outside created mods directory.
Also, tried creating my own directory of ~/Android/data/com.bluebottlegames.neoscavengermobile and placing mods there, with or without /mods/ directory and /files/ middle-man folder.

No joy in any case - if the code for loading mods is indeed running, I have no idea where it expects the files to be.

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(Edit note: dcfedor posting this on Cat Lady's behalf, as original post got lost during some site maintenance.)

Some clues:


The mobile port didn't disable modding intentionally, but
based on user reports like yours and others, it seems something is preventing
them from working.

One obvious problem is a minor difference in the data files on mobile. Files
like encounters.xml have an extra "id" attribute for each table element,
which helps the game load individual elements as-needed, instead of loading
the entire list of encounters.

I believe that is true of all the larger xml files, so any mod lacking that
wouldn't work.

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Just to chime in with an official status update on Android mod support:

Tiago started some work on this, but quickly realized the memory management was going to be more of a rabbit hole than we expected. Some of the older iOS devices look like they'll choke on the added memory footprint of mod support.

One possible solution is to do some tricks with memory, such as streaming data and/or other optimizations, but that's quite a bit of refactoring.

Alternatively, I could just make it optional, but I prefer not to add something that only a subset of users can access. Particularly if, as in this case, it's a lot of down time working on that instead of stuff everyone can benefit from.

TL;DR it's on the back burner for now. We might return to it once there's more time, but for now, it's on hold. I know that's not the news you wanted to hear, but I figure it's at least helpful to have an official status!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Can't we just add the code for the neo scav mod on to neo scavenger on mobile if it works then can I try it? Cuz I don't have a computer that would be great thanks