NEO Scavenger Map in Unity

Hey Folks! Notice anything unusual about today's screenshot? If you guessed "that's a Unity workspace," you're right!

As mentioned yesterday, I'm working on a tool to help record footage for the upcoming teaser video. And today's screenshot shows current progress. I've got the NEO Scavenger hexes loaded into Unity, randomly arranged in a map. I've got a handful of creature sprites loaded in, and they randomly walk around from hex-to-hex. I've got rain sprites, camera scrolling, and a few surprises as we scan towards the horizon :)

It's pretty close to ready. I've sent it off to Joshua to see if it'll work for him, and there are maybe a few details more to add. But all together, pretty cool! It was interesting seeing what I could scrape together from existing assets, and how quickly it could be assembled in Unity.

Now, before anyone asks, no, this isn't a very significant step towards a NEO Scavenger 2 in Unity. What you see here is what you get: paper thin hex and creature sprites randomly placed around the screen. No game logic at all. Sorry :)

Anyway, next week I'll probably start on some of the other shots we need for the video. Going to have to make a few scenes and effects to cover all the bases.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Tags: Ostranauts