NEO Scavenger iOS/Android v1.2.5 Released!

Hey Folks! NEO Scavenger mobile has just been updated to v1.2.5 (build 4405). Builds should be available soon on both Android and iOS pending store approval.

The following updates are included in the patch:

  • Changed tap targeting to be more forgiving on small items.
  • Changed pop-up to close when user taps another item.
  • Fixed save files getting wiped when app updated.
  • Fixed two crafting screen crash bugs.
  • Fixed DMC rendering incorrectly on some screens.
  • Fixed hacking datafile corruption.
  • Fixed missing game effects on certain items.

One of the big improvements here is in tap targeting of items. This version uses a new voronoi-style tap targeting, which should make it easier to tap and manipulate smaller items. Basically, you don't have to tap exactly inside an item sprite anymore. Instead, the app tries to figure out which item you meant to tap based on the surroundings. (The photo above shows this in action, tapping near the wristband still hits it.)

It seemed like an improvement when I tested it, but I'm interested to hear what you think!

Another big change is to the save system. Previously, updating on Android would wipe old saves. But after this patch, that shouldn't happen anymore. Unfortunately, this patch will still likely wipe your save (since your current version uses the old save file location). But future patches shouldn't have this issue anymore. (Note: iOS seems to be safe from this issue entirely.)

Furthermore, this patch includes several fixes to crash bugs. Especially those random ones found in crafting or encounters. Hopefully, this should reduce the number of crash reports significantly.

The DMC rendering issue was a bug on certain iOS retina devices that caused the DMC map to disappear, leaving players stranded. This should now work on all devices.

And the remaining fixes are a collection of minor bugs and improvements, which should hopefully make the game experience better.

As usual, if you notice any bugs after this patch, let me know. Thanks again, all!


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It's a shame my save got deleted again... but it beats having items that don't work and trying to select items with big thumbs!!! Bloody good work man!

Free Elusive Skill = Athletic x4 in ATN Enclave encounter

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Thanks! And with any luck, that'll be the last save lost to a patch. Hopefully, just plain old save corruption from now on :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games