NEO Scavenger iOS and Android v1.2.8 Released!

Hey Folks! NEO Scavenger Android and iOS have just been updated to v1.2.8 (build 4412). Builds should be available soon on Android and iOS pending store approval.

The following updates are included in the patch:

  • Added instant tooltips. Touch and hold blank space, then drag around to get instant tooltips.
  • Fixed DMC access obstructed by UI.
  • Fixed crash due to crafting certain demo recipes.
  • Fixed bandage offset bug.
  • Added stack counts to container preview.
  • Fixed rotated items in containers.

While mainly bug fixes, there is one new feature in this build: an instant tooltip mode. Many users were struggling to compare multiple items conveniently since each tooltip required a tap and hold over it to show the tooltip.

In an effort to improve that user experience, Tiago and I added a new cursor mode that opens tooltips instantly as the user's finger passes over items. To access this mode, just tap and hold anywhere in blank space, and a "?" will appear near your finger. Then, anything you drag over will show its tooltip until you release the tap.

Hopefully, this makes it easier to look at item stats and compare items!

The rest of the changes address bugs reported by users here and on each of the stores. (And some via email.) DMC and bandages should no longer go off-screen on certain devices. Demo should crash less often during crafting. And container previews should have more accurate info.

As usual, if you notice any bugs after this patch, let me know. Thanks again, all!


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Free Elusive Skill = Athletic x4 in ATN Enclave encounter