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Need help

Recently I have been playing NEO scavenger a lot on my phone and got really interested with playing on it with my computer (as sometimes I have problems accessing saves from my phone) I also saw some videos of people playing NEO scavenger with mods and it looks really fun if someone could help me get mods on my computer it would be great currently i am using the browser version for NEO but if it requires the windows version i would not mind. Thank you and im sorry if im in the wrong place for this problem as I just recently joined.

Bring it on ya furry mutts

Hi there, Cody. Welcome aboard!
If you want to play with mods, you will need the PC version. Be sure to check this forum node
And be ready to backup/say goodbye to your previous savegame, because installing mods as big as MmMoD or NEOScavExtended will f**k up your save files. AND not all mods are compatible with each other. You should check the "merging mod" - it's someones mod that helps all of the mods work together.
Also check NEO Scavenger's Nexusmods page:
And the Big Merging mod:

But i personally prefer playing only with 2 or 3 mods at a time, cuz there's just too much going on, too much loot, for my personal opinion. Some features of one mods blocked by the others. Well, it's up to you.

Thanks a lot man i finally figured out out to get mods and while now i die every 20-50th turn xD its making it a lot more fun as on my phone i could literally breeze through each play through so thanks a lot man although i cant seem to get any mods from drop box im assuming this is just me being an idiot

Bring it on ya furry mutts