Nav Station Tasks, and Job Queue

Hey Folks! A bit of work today on a different task type, some UI tidying, and revisiting the job queue.

Even though I can now add and remove tasks based on damaged walls appearing and being patched, there are a few other task types I'd like to support. And one of them is something Michael proposed a while back: a periodic maintenance or check-up task.

In this case, the nav station needs periodic check-in to ensure we're still on course, and no course corrections are required. And the easiest way to do that is to add a ticker to the nav station which periodically adds a condition requiring a check. Once that appears on the item, we can trigger a new task to check the nav station for course corrections. And provided we have someone on duty at the time (and eventually, with the right skills), they should walk to the nav station to check on it.

Today's screenshot shows the skeleton of that task running, with Hannah seated at the nav station for check-up. And in doing this, I realized I had a bit of clean-up to do on the UI.

First, my Roster, Duties, and Zones buttons were "sticky," in that clicking them added focus to them. Any subsequent key press would activate the button (toggling the UI), which could be annoying. So I removed focus from the UI when they closed, and may someday have to do similar when they open.

I also found a problem with my duties UI. My priority list didn't have room for something like a course correction (or, say, a fusion reactor status check). On the other hand, it had a "Bed Rest" category which is somewhat redundant with the sleep scheduling UI. So I replaced "Bed Rest" with "Operations," and made the nav station task a member of that priority.

That done, there's still at least one task type remaining: construction and demolition. We need a way to assign jobs to crew for adding and removing ship equipment.

Previously, Michael's job UI handled this. But the way tasks work has changed a bit, breaking that connection. There are also some changes I'd like to make to the UX there, such as a universal uninstall job type, and adding a "cancel jobs under the cursor" mode. Plus, there may be certain actions/interactions we should be able to paint around the ship. Like "clean" or "haul."

That'll be my next task. And it could take a little bit of time to get from here to there. I might squeeze in a bit more effort on this before quitting today, to hopefully make resuming Monday easier. But until then, have a good weekend!

Tags: Ostranauts