Nav Station Persistence, Rendering

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. A lot of manual labor and handyman type stuff for us, as we tie-up some more loose ends around the house.

Back at the office, it was off to a bit of a slow start as I went through several emails and other admin tasks. And I suspect at least one more round of this later in the week, as month-end approaches.

In the time I did get some coding done, I working on getting the nav station a bit more usable. First, I added some code to make the UI settings and data persistent between when it is closed and later reopened by the user. In theory, this would also be saved out to data files when the ship is saved, but I didn't get to testing if that works yet.

The second task was cleaning up some rendering issues that occurred when closing and reopening the UI. All of the rendered lines were being duplicated each time the UI entered, so I had to add some destruction code for when it closed. (Conveniently, I could add this to the data persistence code I just finished!)

I also decided to see if I could solve the UI scaling issue that I occasionally bump into. In the stand-alone build, it seems the UI resizes appropriately if it's displayed when the screen size changes, but if I resize the screen while the UI is not displayed, it appears at the wrong size and then starts scaling from there. And in the editor, it tends to show too small for the screen, which is pretty consistent given the size of the screen vs. the stand-alone's initial screen size settings.

Not sure how to solve this yet, and maybe I'll skip it if I can't figure it out quickly. Not a huge deal. Just kind of annoying. Hopefully, more to show tomorrow!


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