Nav CPU Installed, and Admin Day

Hey Folks! A bit of a split day, today. Roughly half spent on admin work, and the rest on the space prototype.

The nav CPU was the focus of the dev work, as I continued yesterday's attempt to get it installed on a ship and able to be raised by crew. And the good news here is, that finally works!

I had to add a bit more code plumbing to make it work with the UI and AI interaction system. And there was a naming convention issue. And some scaling issues. And a missing preview sprite. BUT, I was finally able to add the chair to a ship, launch the crew sim, then click an AI and send it to the chair to interact. And when it got there, the orbital plotter appeared!

Of course, you can't do much with it yet. The hotkeys were all disabled, the ship it's showing is a faux sample ship that lives only in the nav CPU, and time passage in the CPU is completely meaningless in crew time.

So that'll be the next thing. Make the nav CPU show actual ship situation and time, and restore some controls to move the viewport around. And hopefully, that'll be the next step towards actually going someplace. (That, and integrating it with a power supply, thrusters, etc.)

On the admin side, it's that time of month again: state excise taxes. And that means accounting. And (due in a few days) federal taxes.

On the plus side, it was actually a pretty good month. It was probably the largest batch of payments I'll get from Google and Apple (mobile launch), plus the Steam summer sale payment. The bad news is that this still puts me in the red for the year. Averaged year-to-date, BBG is still slightly losing money.

It's still far from a crisis, mind you. I've still got a few years at this rate. The question is, will that rate stay the same? (Almost certainly not.) So, back to the space prototype. Got to invest in that future!


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To myself: should I go with the smaller ship that can accelerate at 1.5g, which may cause my crew to get sick over a week of travel. Or go with the bigger ship having more cargo space that can only accelerate at 1g, which means my crew will feel better but the trip will take twice as long and require more supplies.

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@ra1 I'd just go with the bigger ship to avoid complications to the crews. It wouldn't hurt to try both options though! (besides neo scav is also a learning experience of killing Philip over and over again).

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I haven't run the numbers yet, but if we're assuming 1g acceleration of a ship is doable in this universe, it's quite possible arbitrarily higher thrusts aren't hard to achieve. 1g is just an artificial limit imposed by having squishy occupants. E.g. in the Expanse universe, many ships could easily run 5g, 10g, or even more thrust if someone put the hammer down. The limiting factor is nobody inside would survive :)

As such, I'm considering a section of the nav console that reads something like "set maximum g-factor" when planning the route, which adjusts trip length accordingly. If you're in a hurry, you can tweak that up to 1.5 or 2g, and you might not suffer too badly.

And ideally, some sort of multi-stage route plan, which might allow for high-g burns for limited segments and 1g breaks in between.

But that's pie in the sky until I get at least basics up and running :)

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