Murder In the Drama Room!

Hey Folks! As mentioned yesterday, we'll be looking into crew drama and management next. Basically, doing a hack job prototype to get some ideas up and running, and to hopefully figure out the best way of making this feature a viable game mechanic.

Our first test is a simple drama scene:

Mal, Zoey, and Jayne are in a ship that's rapidly losing atmo. There are two EVA suits inside, but just outside the airlock is a spare EVA. Unfortunately, opening the airlock means the ship will depressurize even more rapidly, and likely kill whoever isn't in a suit. What will Mal (the player) do?

And our first piece of the test is to get an AI to do something if the player does a thing. In this case, we chose Jayne clocking Mal on the head if he goes for the EVA suit without negotiating first. (In fact, Jayne will clock Mal when he picks up the suit regardless, but that's a problem for another day!)

And today's screenshot is the result: the DramaRoom!

In this scene, Mal has...well, you can read the message log for yourself :)

So far, so good! (Unless you're Mal.) Next steps will be to layer more and more sophistication onto this, so there are more actions to choose from, and more AI responses.

And if we're lucky, this will start to precipitate a system we can turn into emergent gameplay. The thinking right now is that this dramatic moment represents a sort of choice nexus, and that we can load the game with a bunch of these nexuses, and start to have AI behaving rationally, and perhaps even with goals.

I should note that this overlaps a bit with the plot and AI needs code I've written before. But it is perhaps another approach, and importantly, one which might reveal better ways to make this fun.

More to come!

Tags: Ostranauts