Moretti Coffee


  • Product: Coffee
  • Manufacturer: Moretti Coffee Company
  • Country of origin: societas Europaea
  • Ticker symbol: MORC


The Moretti brand was established in 2023. Moretti Coffee today is a rebranding of Pan Euspresso, which was a rebranding of the original Moretti Coffee. The brand was subject to prevailing opinion on the cohesion of the European Union. It was rebranded first to appeal to a reaffirmed, reunited Europe, then changed back during Europe’s decline, in the hope that the Moretti name still sold coffee. To the surprise of investors, it did.


Moretti is a personification used as the brand’s mascot. In the twenties he spread across social media by streaming regular ‘fireside chats’ set in a snowed-in chalet. Moretti shuffled around the chalet as he made coffee, told stories, and played checkers against viewers. Today Moretti Coffee Company sells hologram sims of Moretti designed to keep coffee drinkers company, or regale audiences with dynamically generated stories of the old country.

The coffee is a Robusta blend targeted at high-income consumers. Moretti Coffee is partnered with upmarket cafe culture and supplies large scale corporate demands.


Rich, dark, the way you like it.
Have more. Have Moretti.
When you can choose, you choose Moretti.
Special brew, just for you.
Our blend. Your brew.