More Project Planning

Hey Folks! Short update today, as it was another project planning day.

I think I've got the project plan and budget mostly complete now, with correct accounting of pre- and post-Early Access milestones. And in reviewing the docs, I thought of a few more things I missed earlier.

It's still maybe 80% accurate in terms of what's left to do. And there's always more that could be added to it. But I think I have enough here to talk broad strokes about it. And more importantly, to start noticing what areas I think I can do vs. what areas I'll need help with. That, and when I think I'll need them by.

Unfortunately, not exciting for the majority of people out there. (Except maybe for those who want a peek at upcoming features.)

Hopefully, I'll be back to development next week, and we'll have more to show off. Have a good weekend, all!


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When it will be available to buy as early access?
And I'd also like the option to buy directly from you as well, like it was for NEO Scavenger.
Another thing you should consider including, at least for EA builds, is in-game bug reporting / feature suggesting. According to Owlcats (developers of Pathfinder: Kingmaker) it does wonders to reveal obscure bugs, which users might not bother to report via forums and the like, since they would have to register, click a link in a confirmation email, etc. While an in-game feature like this wouldn't even take them out of experience.

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I've been aiming for an EA release no sooner than October. Though that could slide as needed, based on the state of the game.

Re: direct purchase, I've actually decided to launch exclusively on Steam this time around, as part of a strategy to leverage Steam's surfacing algorithm. I'll likely follow-up with other stores, but I'm not sure yet if I'll keep hosting my own store. My current solution is more maintenance work than I'd like, and not great for features like discounts and promotion. We'll have to see.

As for in-game bug reporting, I am 100% on board with having that if I can. Doing it right is probably non-trivial, and will have to knock something else off the list. But it definitely rates well against other features in terms of value.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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patience is a virtue, but “alas... i have no virtues” ;)

on related notes.. Steam is indeed “the place to be”... kinda like youtube is the place for youtubers, and twitch is the place for streamers, and twitter is the place for social media

monopolies are bad in theory (and also reality...) but hey... what else is there? GoG? id imagine it will happen sooner or later like NEO

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Oh well. I'd still prefer to buy from you directly, but I understand if you don't want the overhead of administering a store on top of all the other things you'd likely rather be doing.