More Clothing, Fixing Bad Data, Overlapping Crew

Hey Folks! I was initially trying to get things setup for recording a new video today, but ran into a few more problems that needed addressing first.

As with the last video, I wanted to start with a large room full of crew mates, to show how much they've evolved visually since last time. (That room plus animations was a bit of a sore spot for some viewers.)

However, I immediately ran into a problem: I couldn't select my captain! Or rather, I had to click multiple times to register anything. It turns out the recent fix I made to fix selection had a minor bug that caused the first click in a tile to be ignored. Pretty easy fix once I figured it out.

But I had a bigger problem, as well. A big chunk of my ship template data was corrupt. Somewhere along the line, all of my GUIs had their data trimmed to remove null values. And since they were order-dependent lists, this messed-up the data mapping.

Worse, fixing it in the editor would involve rebuilding substantial sections of all my ship layouts.

Fortunately, fixing it in the data with a regex search and replace wasn't too bad. About an hour later, the data was fixed. And I found the culprit, too. The code I added to reduce save game file size was being a bit overzealous!

Once that was done, I turned back to my big room. But another thing bugged me: everyone was in white undergarments. Skin and hair color varied, as did name tags. But it was a big mess of while shirts. And since making new clothes wasn't too hard to do, I decided to inject a half dozen new colored coveralls into the game. And also, I added code to auto-equip items in each AI's starting loot, if possible.

The result is what you see today: a bit more variety, visually. There's a large amount of yellow jumpsuits here, for some reason. But you can also see the red, beige, and blue variants, plus the browncoat/bluejeans outfit. I have a dark blue one somewhere, too. But you get the idea.

While testing these, I had a brain fart when I saw a lighting bug on my new clothes. It turned out to be bad image filenames, but not before I wasted an hour mucking with shader code.

Finally, it bugged me that the AI would stand inside other AI. And after a while, especially in large groups, pretty much everyone was standing in one of two tiles.

So I started tinkering with some code to prevent AI from choosing destinations that were occupied by other AIs. I've had moderate success so far, but I think I'm misunderstanding Michael's pathfinding code, as there are still some edge cases failing. But it's an improvement. And it might be sufficient for recording a video next week!

For now, hope everyone has a good weekend. And see you Monday!

Tags: Ostranauts