Modding in new outfits?

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Modding in new outfits?

I'm a pixel artist and wanted to take a shot at modding in some new outfits! I'm struggling to figure out which json files I need to edit to get my images to show up as separate new outfits instead of overwriting them. I'm still pretty new to coding so explain it to me like I'm a child please, lol.


It'd be super cool to see some more outfits modded in!

We are however gonna be changing the slots system for clothes and bags etc
So you may want to hold off on making the code side of the mod til after the next update is out as it'll likely not work once that update comes out!

The art is likely to be evergreen though~ So making a bunch of assets is something you can do right now haha!

In terms of how to actually make mods I recommend getting a code editor and opening the existing StreamingAssets folder. If you do a search for something like "OutfitSuit02" it'll bring up a bunch of places that is used. That's your first bet, to look at where the different places the name is referenced.


those 3 are the main places to look for now!
I'm happy to answer specific questions here too about certain variables etc

If you have discord it may be more advantageous to join us there as there's quite an active modding channel where other community members who make mods are usually willing to answer questions too!