[MOD IDEA] What about turrets and traps?

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[MOD IDEA] What about turrets and traps?

This might sound stupid at first, but hear me out.

Right now we have camps, their stats, like sleep, shelter, concealment, ect. But, there is mostly no other way to be safe from night ambushes without using noise traps and/or hiding the camp with "Hiding" skill.

But, what if, for example, you could craft a turret, or maybe a trap, or even a landmine, so anyone attacking you at night had a lot more difficulty in doing so?

Obviously it's not gonna be cheap at all, so you would have to either cost an arm and a leg to buy in DMC, or require you to use specific set of skills and tools to steal and reprogram one or make one out of components.

For example - for a pistol turret you would, obviously, need a pistol, a craftable/lootable tripod, a lot of small mechanical parts, a tool, a laptop with specific software or some kind of a new item that would be the targeting mechanism and a smartphone (as a camera that it would use to find attackers).
Don't want to make one? Well, you are in luck! For a moderate(ish) price you can buy a basic pistol turret with the ammo for it! Just don't forget to set you as a friend in the system and charge it, before going to sleep.
Don't have the money or the patience? Well, you can always try to steal one... Maybe some old buildings still have one turned off, or at least working?

Turret looks like an overkill for you? Maybe you would like something more stealthy?
What about landmines? Your enemy will love bleeding and laying in the dirt, just for coming a bit too close for your comfort!
With use of trapping, a bunch of mechanical parts and something explosive you can make something, that at least could scare off the annoying looters!
Also, you probably can find some around military bases, or some extremely well defended positions. Just be sure not to stand on one if you still need blood to be inside of your body.

Landmines are still too much for your liking? Don't have the resources to make one, and don't want to risk your legs to find some? Maybe just feeling a bit medieval?
Well, if you have time (and a shovel) you can dig a trench or even a moat around your camping spot! Make them climb in the dirt or even swim, so they will think twice before even coming close to you!
Worried about them shooting you in the night? Want to prepare for a fight? Well, you can use some of your time to make some dirt walls for low cover (which would break after one battle), or wood to make some basic fence (for low cover that won't break, maybe?)

I know that it's probably impossible to make this exactly as I've presented, but you get the idea. I'd really like some feedbackfrom anyone interested.
Maybe you've got a better idea of the things I mentoined?

I may be stupid, but I'm not dumb.