Mobile Patch Fixes, and Out-of-Office for a Week(ish)

Hey Folks! The mobile patch was delayed a bit by some last-minute bug discoveries with the fix. Still looking to get it out soon, though.

Once the patch is ready and passes testing, it'll have the following fixes:

  • Added button on Options menu to disable tap-to-zoom.
  • Added code to prevent tap-zooming in loading, main menu, and game over screens.
  • Added code to un-zoom screen if main menu or game over screen appears.
  • Fixed a bug that caused minimap to display correctly on some devices.
  • Fixed an Android focus in/out bug (now the game won't be terminated after a while in background).
  • Fixed a bug that caused a black screen when running the game without internet connection.
  • Fixed bug that caused battle hex sprite to appear on inventory screens.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented entering Concrete Forest if wanted but no tracking device.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Concrete Forest tenants from calling police.
  • Fixed a bug in demo that allowed crafting shotgun w/strap using .308 as input.
  • Fixed special character encoding bug in encounters.
  • Fixed minimap hotkey reference in first nightfall encounter.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the minimap cursor alignment to be off on some screens.

Of course, this doesn't fix all of the issues that have been reported. But these were the first batch we could reliably fix quickly, and which hopefully solve some of the pain points users have been having. We're hoping to have this patch rolled-out later today or tomorrow, unless we discover any more issues with it.

Out of Office

Also, just a heads-up, I'll be out of the office starting tomorrow, and will be back in the office on the 16th. During this time, I'll still be checking messages periodically, and if something explodes, I'll be able to respond. But otherwise, I may be slow to respond. Rest assured that once I'm back, I'll be resuming normal operations and working on getting mobile polished further.

Other News

Apart from the above two items, I also reviewed Michael's latest Xinhua setting doc. And it is very cool. Even if the space prototype isn't really playable yet, the world it takes place in is shaping up nicely :)

Finally, I also wrapped-up my final payment to the web dev team for the new site today. After this, it's more of an a-la-carte arrangement where I can pay them to develop new features, fix things, or update the site. It feels really good to be winding-down the outgoing streams of money. Between completing the website contract, ramping-down mobile dev costs, and ramping-up mobile revenue, I think this might buy me some time to resume work on the space prototype.

So far, the mobile port is still a net loss in terms of money. It's only been on the market about a week, though, so time will tell. At the current rate, I think it'll pay for itself in a month or two, and hopefully add to NEO Scavenger's desktop "long tail" enough to keep me afloat while I (literally) build and prep the space game for launch.

And whatever the financial outcome, I will say this: the mobile port has garnered me a lot of non-monetary goodness, from awesome contractors, to a wider awareness of NEO Scavenger. (Steam sales are actually up for the first time in months!) So while it took way longer and more dollars than planned to get this mobile thing out the door, I think it'll end up being a net win no matter what.

Now, let's just see if I can get it polished, and get a space game out before this next financial cushion fails :)

Have a good week (plus change) folks, and see you when I'm back!


Lurchroboter's picture

Just downloaded the new patch. Wasnt even bothered by the doubletap zoom before, but tried playing without and pinch zoom is really more intuitive. Great improvement on a point that wasnt even a nuisance before to me :) really glad to see your engagement in after-support-release ! You are a great guy! Will keep spreading the neo scavenger love! Its really the best apocalyptic roguelike i have ever played, the setting is unbelievably good with the general feel of mistery. To me you created a playable "Lost" without the crappy ending! ;)And bring your space game to iOS too while you are at it ;)

Rovlad's picture

So just like you recently said no more portable versions, eh? :)

You should also try Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead, it's free to play and fun as heck.
Although it can't hold a candle to NEO Scavenger as far as worldbuilding and story goes, it's still a neat roguelike, with tons of stuff to do.

Lurchroboter's picture

Yes, Cataclysm is also great in its own way. Got it sitting on my device since release and also bought the soundpack to support the devs. I find Neo Scavenger way more accessible though, due to its nicer UI and general appearance.

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@Lurchroboter, thanks! Glad to hear the patch moved things in the right direction. And more importantly, like you point out, folks know I'm at least trying to support it after launch.

As for the space game on iOS...<shivers> :) Let's see if I survive NS being on mobile first!

@Rovlad, indeed, CDDA is often the contemporary mentioned in the same breath as NS. Scratches many of the same itches!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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Found a glitch... Not sure if it does it only on that specific spot, but in the ATC camp trying to buy more than one coat/tunic crashes the game.

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Frost Wolf

Hi, im a newcomer as you can see... Been playing the game on my phone then realized, "can I put mods with this game?". As you can see digging the game files I discovered the mod folder, in the apk... so... 1 simple question... CAN I MOD THIS AWESOME GAME IN MOBILE?

Seal team Ricks turned his unibrow, into two brows... with a BULLET!

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@KKdesu, does this happen every time? Or just once? Definitely a bug, just trying to ascertain whether it was random or constant.

@Frost Wolf, I honestly don't know. I didn't disable mods intentionally, so they might work. But nobody has reported successfully doing so yet. And due to the way mobile OSes guard the file system, I'm expecting it won't work as nicely as desktop.

If you try it, though, let me know how it goes!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games