Mobile Bugs, Space Prototype Feedback

Hey Folks! Hope everybody had a good weekend. I did my best to rest-up after the stresses of launching, but couldn't help occasionally dipping back into the dev seat here and there to address questions and concerns. And to kick off an ad campaign or two! (Which you might have seen on Google, Facebook, or Steam.)

Back at work, the day was mostly spent catching-up on internet activity from the past couple days. More app reviews and feedback, emails, bugs, suggestions, and general questions. Tiago is looking into what I've logged so far, and we're going to see about getting at least a fix or two in there for a patch soon.

And despite the flurry of PR activity on mobile, I had to squeeze in some time for the space prototype, too.

Josh sent his latest track to me, and as usual, it was top notch. This one is intended to be a looping soundtrack for one of the marketplaces, and mixes some cool ethnic sounds with the usual electronic style in his work. Very cool!

And Michael was also ready for some feedback on his latest work developing the Xinhua history and influence. It's a large (and growing) document that explains a bit of what happened behind the scenes while Philip was in cryo sleep, and also sets the stage for the goings-on in the System in our next game.

Busy day! And tomorrow is no doubt going to be just as crazy. See you then!