Mobile Bug Fixing Bonanza

Hey Folks! I was fortunately able to do a bunch of coding today, and that means bug fixes!

Initially, things started a bit slow, as the desktop debug version I usually use had a few cobwebs to clear. For one thing, the game wouldn't respond to mouse clicks at all. Buttons would highlight correctly, but no clicks would register (except in rare cases). It turns out this was due to some mobile bug fixes causing issues on desktop, adding the game instance a second time. Easy to fix once we found it, but a bit tricky to find.

Then, the cursor would disappear when I alt-tabbed away, and I'd have to restart the game to get it back. Which makes debugging tricky :)

Fortunately, the fix was pretty easy. We just had to insulate the desktop version from some code Tiago added for mobile to fix focus/unfocus issues.

And then there was a small bug preventing the desktop debug version to work in full version mode instead of demo. This was just a matter of overriding how the game determines demo vs. full on desktop.

Once those were cleared away, it was down slaying to the real mobile bugs! First up was fixing the bug that caused conditions to get stuck on the player if an item degraded while the player used it (e.g. shopping cart "cannot run" condition). Then, there was a similar stuck condition bug caused by the way the skill select screen added and removed skills.

After that, I fixed an issue where crafting using a container would destroy its contents. And in the process, stumbled upon an issue un-crafting the makeshift sack when it was built using a sleeping bag. For some reason, that recipe was not reversible, and it seems only logical it should be, so I changed it.

Overall, quite a productive day! Since there were some deep-code changes in here, I want to test these a bit more before committing. And then we'll see about whether these wrap-up the next patch, or if we add some more.

See you all tomorrow!