Mo' Conditions, Mo' Problems

Hey Folks! Still working on discomfort thresholds and effects. And spent pretty much the whole day looking at a screen like you see above.

So far, that includes adding effects for the various thresholds of:

  • StatAtrophy
  • StatBodyTemp
  • StatDefecate
  • StatEncumbrance
  • StatFatigue
  • StatFood
  • StatHydration
  • StatHygiene
  • StatInfection
  • StatOxygen

So when you increase StatAtrophy to cross the first threshold, for example, you lose carrying capacity, some defensive ability, your food and water intake go down, and you fatigue faster. Previously, these were just empty, named states, so it'll be cool to finally have these set with meaningful effects once done. Quite a ways to go yet, though!

Also, while working on the StatOxygen thresholds, I decided to add a "TinglingExtremities" condition. It has no in-game effect yet apart from a description. But as the medical systems get developed, I'll probably start hiding certain status effects like "Hypoxic" and only show the symptoms, like the tingling, confusion, and fatigue. Medical personnel and equipment will be able to see the real thing, but non-medical personnel will be left guessing based on symptoms. (NEO Scavenger did this with many things, requiring a certain skill or item to reveal some stats and identify some items.)

That's about all there is today, unfortunately. Not much to look at. And I still have to do a pass on the emotional effects. So a lot of work remains.

Once done, however, I shouldn't have to come back to this stuff unless spot-fixing bugs or tweaking balance. The ailment simulation stuff should be ready for use in other systems!

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