Mighty Mod of Doom or Extended Neoscav? which one should I install and why?

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Mighty Mod of Doom or Extended Neoscav? which one should I install and why?

Greetings, I decided to give this game another shot. I remember it had a lot of realism, but I was failing miserably, dying all sorts of not-so-glorious deaths, mostly in battle... And I am not even new in roguelike games. Anyway, I remember I was using the shoulder mod, but not sure if I had installed any of the major mods that add items etc. This time I'd like to have some extra items, recipes, weapons and stuff available for looting, more content in general. I've read a lot about the 2 mods but their lists of changes are too long, let's face it, so I thought, someone who might have used both already, could tell me their opinion? Which one to choose? The patchwork mod sadly has no support anymore, so I scrapped that idea...

Masochistic experience reminiscent of vanilla with added features like Hygiene,Parasites increased
fucking swamp difficulty (I never go to the swamp now due to that issue) along with a load of extended random loot.

While this does sound unpleasant it increases the electrician and mechanic usefulness in crafting while innovating upon random encounters across Detroit drastically wouldn't recommend this if you are a beginner though but feels more at home in the neo scavenger world
(I would get the version prior to the latest due to the near unplayable rarity of most scrap with the latest change in the latest version :P)

Neo scav extended:
The added features of this are really extensive but I would choose this if you would prefer to feel like the wasteland Macgyver for a less masochistic experience with odd difficulty increases Eg.Killing the intro dogman with the power of computers engineering producing corrugate iron machetes/knifes, thread durability ect.
Sort of friendly enough if you are new to the game outside of a few durability changes but can be overwhelming at times

Personal opinion:
I personally go MMoD most of the time for the interesting electrician/mechanic skills and the ability to produce a spring/air rifle (at least prior to the latest update) and my glorious masochism.

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I am using Extended, it's what I used the previous time I played the game. I got used to it I guess...

Definitelly Mighty Mini Mod of Doom, alongside Depth of Gyges (from same author). They are so good, that I actually forgot that Depth of Gyges wasn't vanilla content, and was severely disappointed on my first run of mobile version.

they are, simply put, a perfect "Vanilla game plus" mods - keeping the awesome atmosphere and feeling integral, yet much, much better than the vanilla was without them. Minus side - if you play with them for a while, you can't enjoy mobile version, cause it is lacking mods as of now :(

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I don't know, I've invested on Extended now... We'll see in the future. First I'd like to reach Detroit in one savegame, or at least some kind of plot progress, haha. I am sick of dying like a noob.