Marketing Assets

Hey Folks! Still plugging away at the marketing assets for the announcement. A lot of time spent searching for the right screenshots today, both for use on the store page, and in smaller bits of marketing art. E.g. the Steam "capsule" images used at varying resolutions to represent the game in lists, store pages, etc.

I've also been testing the teaser out with some other indie devs, and getting some valuable feedback. One of the bigger issues I'm hearing is that the connection between NEO Scavenger and the space prototype is confusing/distracting. The teaser might be leaning too much on that, and too early in the video.

I'm also starting to wonder if the lighting is causing more confusion than mood. I've had a few folks say they could hardly tell what was going on.

That said, most commenters also saw a lot to like, despite the issues. And at least one admitted it could be due to never having played NEO Scavenger.

Too soon yet to tell if this means teaser rework, or if this is just too small of a sample. Whatever the case, I still have plenty more work that needs to be done on the store end!

Tags: Ostranauts