Main Menu Video!

Hey Folks! I finally had a chance to record some footage of the main menu in action. It's an otherwise slow news day, so perhaps this makes up for it :)

Thanks, Rovlad, for reminding me!

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Looks and sounds good!

Suggestion: Decrease the frequency of the shadows a bit. Also, randomize the speed and direction of the shadows.

Bonus suggestion: Provide some variation in movement to the shadows, to emulate walking just a bit. Perhaps a "bob" in the shadow would be good enough.

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Thanks! And wow, you really focused on those shadows :)

I think you're right, though. There's a lot of room to flesh them out. Those were probably the shortest possible path to get something there that passed.

I look forward to adding and refining over time!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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