Main Menu Progress, Ship Selection, and Mobile Bugs

Hey Folks! Today was largely about getting detailed feedback to Emily about the main menu, as well as a bit of coding on both ship selection and NS mobile.

As the main menu approaches completion, we're nailing down the remaining details and getting it ready for in-game use. Today's screenshot is the latest iteration from Emily, with some paint-overs I did to show some feedback.

One of the biggest changes since last time is an overall finer degree of polish and detail. There are still rough areas as we figure placement and composition out, but you'll notice the lines are a lot cleaner, and things are taking more shape. The background has been filled-out with a bit more detail, the logo is back in the top left, most of the UI elements have been cleared of anything blocking their view.

The main screen is bulked-up a bit so there's more room for text in there, extra dinosaurs were removed, and we're starting to explore ideas for the background. Things like coloring, door placement, silhouette type, and depth of field. I also threw in a few hanging tubes near the logo for texture. I might be able to animate a few things like those, the silhouette, and coffee steam to give the impression of subtle movement and life.

Still unsure if that manual is obvious enough. It's clearer now, but it's also the only UI thing that's not a button. We'll see.

I only had minimal time to delve back into ship selection today, but that's moved on from layout and planning to coding, so hopefully we'll see some traction tomorrow.

And, Tiago's back! Albeit temporarily. He only has a week or so to spare before his new gig, so we've triaged the list of things he can tackle in that time. Hopefully, this means a patch upcoming for NEO Scavenger mobile. And potentially another surprise...

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Wow cool. Maybe you could put the manual underneath the dino or the flighthelmet? Or just more angled and to the right. Looking fresh:)


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Silently lurking for a while now, game is looking great!

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Thanks! Glad to hear you like it so far. I think Emily's proven to be quite the versatile artist. I'm glad she was available to do some work on the game!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games