Main Menu Mockups, and Crew Avatars

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Fairly low-key here, though we did sneak in an afternoon at the Museum of Flight, which is always fun. I really need to spend a day over there without the toddler, though, as she tends to flit from one place to the next too fast for me to soak it in.

Today was mostly about getting Emily setup for her next task: the main menu.

I've already mocked-up a scene to use as a stand-in for now, but I'd like to see what's possible there with more talent behind it. So I've provided her with all the specs I could think of, some mood board images as a reference, and the assurance that we can try to make it come alive with animation or motion graphics if she can think of anything like that. So we'll see!

The other thing I worked on was getting the crew avatar to render from both sides, so legs/arms don't disappear on the backswing. I thought I had most of it worked out, but as you can see from today's image, it looks like all my parts are mirrored. I think in the process of flipping the mesh UVs, I also rotated the mesh, so it's probably two kinds of backwards. I'll have to clean that up tomorrow, and try again.

Hopefully, we'll have the avatars fixed soon, and I can try out another of Emily's jumpsuits on them!