Main Menu Done, Moving On to Gameplay Mode

Hey Folks! Making steady progress here, as the main menu is working in all 3 UI modes now. Next step: fixing in-game UIs in each mode.

There were a few more tricks to getting the main menu working in all three modes, as well as able to hot-switch between them. I had to do some special handling when getting sprites at different zoom amounts, some font face changes, window fullscreen/resize event handlers needed restoring, and a new handler for stretch mode (since the old way only worked on Flash Flixel).

In addition to the above, I fixed a few buttons who's image atlases were showing, restored the animation of the encounter button when active, and had to bypass a few mobile tweaks which delayed item movement in order to show a loading icon on low-CPU devices.

As you can see in today's screenshot, we're actually not too far off from workable UIs in each mode. The Small UI (top) is fine, the 4:3 mode (bottom right) uses the mobile layout but works 100%, and the Big UI is mostly fine except for some wonky button sizes.

The inventory/encounter/battle screens, however, will have some more surprises, for sure. I anticipate a fair bit of fine detail work getting those working again with the new resizing UI stuff, plus the Big UI mode which was entirely neglected on mobile.

Still, this is pretty darned close to running. It's probably even playable in 2/3 of those modes. And the good news is that I think most of the remaining stuff is fairly minor, compared to resolution/UI and modding support I've been doing. I might need to rejigger the way it loads certain data/audio files yet, and seek out any mobile stuff that'd annoy users and/or Valve (e.g. touchscreen instructions, IAP restore functions, "rate my game" type stuff).

But in the words of Dr. Peter Venkman: "I can feel it. We're very, very close."