Loved NEO-Scav since 2015, One suggestion for Neo Scav 2

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Loved NEO-Scav since 2015, One suggestion for Neo Scav 2

If the next one actually takes place in Indiana then as a resident Hoosier I must ask one thing-

Make some sort of Garfield equivalent that shows up a bunch of places in game just like real life, some sort of funny orange cat-

The number of Garfield statues in Indiana is high double digits, we used to have a tunnel of love at an amusement park that was Garfield themed, I drive past signs for hospitals all the time with a big smiling Garfield in them, the city of Muncie Indiana's tourist center is Garfield themed, we love that big orange cat!

I'm not saying it has to be Garfield, but any depiction of Indiana without some sort of cartoon animal that came from comic strips that Indiana is infatuated with just doesn't seem right to me

Thank you love the games :)

Yeah! I'm not sure the IP law would allow us to make something that was exactly garfield.
But garfield is a pretty pervasive entity in the modern world, to the point that he borders on creepy/legendary.

Some sort of nonsense cartoon character that just keeps showing up everywhere would definitely fit into the world/themes!