Lore Modals and Tooltips, and ATC Chatter

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Despite some severe coughing pain, we actually got quite a bit done this weekend. And I'm happy to report the cough may finally be on its way out.

Back at the desk, I resumed work on the encounter screen. I was able to get a tooltip and modal lore UI added to it after learning a bit about TextMesh Pro's pointer intersection code, and Unity's pointer event system. Now, I can insert link tags into the text, and when the user rolls over it, they get a tooltip with a preview of that link's info. And right-clicking on the link opens a modal UI. The modal can be dragged around the screen, resized, scrolled up and down, and stays open until the user clicks the red "X" to close it.

Next step will be to start hooking-up some test encounters. Which also means I need to know what format encounters will take, or if they can re-use the interaction system (which is like a 70% functionality overlap).

Before that, however, I had to get back to Michael, who's already at work on the next writing assignment: air-traffic control (ATC) chatter.

There are a couple of situations in the game where I'd like there to be ATC chatter playing to set the mood, and I'd also like it to be not-too-repetitive. The main menu, for one, and possibly whenever using the ATC control panel in-flight. I've spent quite a lot of time listening to youarelistening.to in the past for inspiration, and I really like the effect of ambient electronic music mixed with radio chatter.

So Michael has started drafting some ATC chatter snippets, and we're going to setup some rules for splicing them together. Then, I suppose I'll find some way to make good-sounding audio clips to throw at it.

My hope is that it'll be one of those things that's almost worth doing on its own, kind of like parking a car at a scenic overlook in GTA and just watching the world with the radio going.