Lore Building, and Still Android Issues?

Hey Folks! Hope your weekend was better than mine. The whole family here was hit by some sort of uber head cold, and we're all a coughing, sniffling mess. Needless to say, it was neither a productive nor enjoyable weekend. Though, it appears we are all on the mend now, more or less.

In addition, it seems the v1.2.7 Android patch still had some save game issues. I think, anyway. Within a day of the roll-out, I had two emails and a handful of reviews complaining that the save feature was suddenly broken. And interestingly, all of the affected reviewers have Android 6.0. Could it be that OS version? That was also when "Adoptable External Storage" was added to Android, which might complicate where the save game lives.

I've reached out to each affected person in hopes of getting more info, but nothing yet. The good news, it seems, is that apart from that handful of messages, nary a peep of save game problems since v1.2.7. Hopefully, that means it's working for the majority of folks!

On the space front, I caught-up with Michael regarding his latest assignment: brands to be used in the setting. Think "Wolverine Black Label" and "Agrosanto." The space prototype will have a similar cast of corporations and entities that color the physical and digital goods space in...er, space. I'm hoping I can at least capture a bit of that rich tapestry of background life we see in Blade Runner, Alien, and Firefly. We already have a batch in the bag, and a second looks to be as good as the first!

Finally, I decided to change tack on the prototype itself today. I didn't really have a lot of time to get into the code, so I thought I'd get started on some furniture to be used in the ship layout. Namely, the navigation computer station.

I'm going to give MagicaVoxel another shot, as it can produce some nice results with limited talent (and it's a free editor, for modders). If nothing else, it solves the shadow bounds issue my old top-down 3D sprites had by actually having a full 3D volume, while still being pretty easy to make. (If you can do pixel art, you can usually transition to voxel art without too much trouble.)

I don't like the stair-step orthogonality of beveled/diagonal faces, but there are a few tricks I can try to get around that.

Once I get the voxel "sprite" done, I can plop this into the game as the piece for raising the orbital plotter UI I've been working on. And maybe take it for a test drive!


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For space stations and planets. Do you plan for this to be the same sort of setup as the ship?

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Stations? Yes, most likely.

Planets? Not sure yet. Even moons are large enough that doing the same grid scale as ships would be impractical. Might have to abstract planet surfaces a bit, such as a coarse grid/overworld map when traveling, and a fine grid/local map when exploring.

That said, there probably won't be a lot of need for traveling on a planet or moon surface. If you're going from one settlement to the other, there's probably a train or shuttle service.

And if you're mining out in the barren landscape, you could (and probably should) choose a spot from orbit.

I like the idea of planetfall, but it's probably prudent for me to leave that until after more important systems are done (like ship design, crew management, and intra-System travel).

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games