Loot Spawning

Hey Folks! I managed to get loot spawning working today. It required a few more features to be useful, but we're one step closer to a salvage loop!

After some testing, I decided the loot spawning UI needed some additional fields. So now you can not only specify the loot to be spawned, and the radius, but also how many times to try and spawn that loot, and whether it applies to new, damaged, or derelict ships.

The number of spawn attempts is useful if you have a loot type like "80% chance of item X or Y," so you can try multiple times to get a range of results. Loot data can also support more control like "spawn 5-9 copies of loot X or item Y," but doing it this way lets me have "random airlock item" as a loot type, and another loot type that says 75% chance of random airlock item, and the ship can have a loot spawner that says 5x 75% chance of random airlock item.

Basically, this is a lot like NEO Scavenger's loot tables. There will be a handful of "random item of type X" loot definitions, and everywhere in the game juggles those as needed. So I sprinkled some random airlock items like EVA suits and tools in the airlock, and more general ship items (food, clothes, small chance of tools/EVA) elsewhere.

The other UI feature, the new/damaged/derelict widgets, just allow me to set whether the loot spawn should be triggered on each ship type. New ships are likely to have nothing, or neatly-stowed items. While damaged and derelict ships will have used stuff strewn around messily. This allows me to control that.

So far, it works! Though, I seem to have created a bug in docking that I'm looking into now. But once that's done, we will be able to board derelicts and loot loose items, which is a step towards a solid salvaging loop.

After that, I think it makes sense to add the tool+item salvaging interactions, and probably verify the stores stock useful items for when the player returns to a station.

For now, though, have a good weekend!

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Do you plan on going with completely random loot or progressive upgrades?

Also, will items have unique randomly generated additional abilities (both good and bad)?

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So far, the loot is more like NEO Scavenger: every item is pre-authored, without procedural properties.

There might be variants of an item for more specialization, but usually with pros and cons vs. the original.

It's possible this time around I'll be able to dynamically affect items, such as "damaged" or modifications. But until I get the basics running, that might just overcomplicate things.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games