Locks and Grids

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Since this is Canada's Thanksgiving holiday, but we're living in the US, we celebrated "Fakesgiving" yesterday. We had friends over, and a feast that left us all eager for leftover o'clock :)

Back at the office, Michael has his latest updates checked-in, and you can see them in action in today's screenshot. Inventory grids!

The left grid belongs to the crate, and the right grid is the area around Edwin's feet. The grids can be moved around so they don't get in your way, and items can be moved around within them, NEO-Scavenger-style. You can even drag items from one grid to the other! (Though the ground grid has a bug with this at the moment.)

Michael's going to work on getting the grid a bit bigger next, plus fix the item sprite proportions. And stacking items, too. But each step we take gets us closer to a really handy way of dealing with items in Ostranauts. I'd say it has the potential to be an improvement over NS's inventory, especially since we can move container grids around as desired. No more being stuck in a static inventory layout! (And having to make sure all container combos fit inside!)

In other news, I've got the PIN lock UI working. One can unlock/lock crates with the magic 1234 PIN code, as well as any powered airlock. Unpowered airlocks have a disabled PIN lock UI, so the buttons don't work. However, you can now pry open a closed, off, and unlocked airlock if you have a prying tool. (You could also already pry open the crate with a prying tool.)

It probably doesn't sound like much. And in practice, it isn't. But under the hood, a lot of stuff needed tweaking to make it behave more reliably and user-friendly.

There are still some features missing on the locks, however. Adding new ways to bypass them might mean some new UI work, unless we decide to overload the context menu for locked items with lots of options.

And we still need to figure out how we're going to generate and distribute keys/codes for locks in the long run. Not everybody in Ostranauts is going to use 1234 for their codes!

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