Lighting Bug Fix and Video Prep

Hi Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. The usual yardwork for us, including a very stinky compost transport run in the car. Fortunately, we had a nice afternoon of games with some friends to relax a bit.

At the office, it was a little bit of coding, admin, and prep for a new progress video.

Once a few housekeeping tasks were done, I worked on a lighting bug that's been haunting me for a while. Ships that were undocked would leave their shadow blocks in the scene, resulting in weird lighting glitches. I had to add code to remove those blocks when undocking, but then that caused a huge performance hitch. In the end, I was able to adjust it such that it collected all the changes to do them in one batch, and that seemed performant enough.

After that, I switched to recording footage for a new update video. I'm way overdue for one, and I'm in a relative lull of development as I figure out what to tackle next. So why not do the video now?

The good news for you is that there's some new concept art and feature stuff to show off! Just as soon as I remember how I fixed the variable bitrate bugs in Adobe Premiere last time...